The Truth Behind the 02045996870 Number: A Spoofed London Number Used by Fraudsters

Phone scams are a type of fraud that involves deceiving or tricking people into giving away personal or financial information, or paying money for fake services or products, over the phone. According to a report by Truecaller, phone scams increased by 18% globally in 2020, affecting 59.4 million people and causing a total loss of $29.8 billion. Some of the common types of phone scams include robocalls, vishing, spoofing, and wangiri.

One of the phone numbers that has been reported as a scam is 02045996870. This number belongs to a company called “UK Claims Department”, which claims to offer compensation for people who have been involved in car accidents. However, this company is not registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and has been flagged as a potential scam by Who Called Me and Tellows.

The Rise of the 02045996870 Scam

The rise of the 02045996870 scam is a phenomenon that illustrates how fraudsters use phone calls to trick people into giving away money or personal information. Here is a brief explanation of how this scam works:

A. Reports and complaints from individuals who have encountered the number

Many people have reported receiving calls from the number 02045996870, claiming to be from a company called “UK Claims Department”. Some of the complaints can be found on websites such as Who Called Me and Tellows, where users can share their experiences and warn others about potential scams. According to these reports, the callers often have foreign accents, and sometimes hang up when asked for more details or verification.

B. Description of typical scenarios and scripts used by fraudsters

The callers usually follow a similar script, in which they claim that the person they are calling has been involved in a car accident and that they are entitled to compensation. They then ask for personal or financial information, such as name, address, bank account number, or insurance details. Sometimes, they also ask the person to pay a fee or a tax to process the claim. If the person refuses or questions the legitimacy of the call, the callers may become aggressive or threatening, or try to pressure them into accepting the offer.

C. The psychological tactics employed to manipulate victims

The fraudsters use various psychological tactics to manipulate their victims, such as:

  • Spoofing:

 They use a fake caller ID to make it appear as if they are calling from a local or reputable number, such as London’s area code (020).

  • Authority: 

They pretend to be from a legitimate or official organization, such as the “UK Claims Department”, and use formal or legal language to sound credible and professional.

  • Urgency: 

They create a sense of urgency or scarcity, by saying that the offer is limited or expiring soon and that the person needs to act quickly or risk losing the opportunity.

  • Fear: 

They exploit the fear or anxiety of the person, by implying that they have been in a serious accident, or that they may face legal consequences if they do not cooperate.

  • Greed: 

They appeal to the greed or desire of the person, by promising a large amount of money or a favorable outcome, and by making the process seem easy or hassle-free.

These tactics are designed to influence the person’s emotions and judgment and to persuade them to comply with the fraudsters’ demands. However, these calls are nothing but scams, and the person should never give away any information or money to the callers. Instead, they should hang up, block the number, and report it to the authorities1


The 02045996870 phone scam is a fraudulent scheme that targets people by pretending to offer them compensation for car accidents. 02045996870 scam has affected many people, who have lost money or personal information to the callers. The fraudsters use various psychological tactics to manipulate their victims, such as spoofing, authority, urgency, fear, and greed. To protect ourselves from 02045996870 and other phone scams, we need to be aware and vigilant of the signs and risks of such calls. We should never trust or engage with unknown callers, and always verify the source and legitimacy of any claims or offers. We should also report any suspicious calls to the relevant authorities, such as Action Fraud or the Telephone Preference Service. By doing so, we can contribute to the fight against phone scams, and help prevent others from falling victim to them.

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