How https:// Helps Students and Alumni Connect with the Startup Ecosystem

Entrepreneurship and technology are two of the most dynamic and exciting fields in the world today. They offer countless opportunities for innovation, creativity, and social impact. However, breaking into the startup ecosystem can be challenging, especially for students and alumni who may lack the necessary skills, connections, or resources. That’s why https:// was created: to help aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts find their path and achieve their goals. In this article, we will explore how https:// works, what benefits it offers, and how you can join the community.

How https:// works?

https:// is a website that provides information and opportunities for students and alumni who are interested in entrepreneurship and technology. It organizes an immersion program called EntreTech NYC, where participants visit and interact with various startups and tech companies in New York City. It also hosts events, workshops, and networking sessions to help aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts learn from experts and connect with peers.

Benefits of joining https://

Some of the benefits of joining https:// are:

  • You can gain exposure and insight into the startup ecosystem in New York City, one of the leading hubs for innovation and entrepreneurship in the world.
  • You can learn from successful entrepreneurs and tech leaders who share their experiences, challenges, and advice with you.
  • You can network with like-minded students and alumni who share your passion and curiosity for entrepreneurship and technology.
  • You can discover new opportunities and resources that can help you pursue your own entrepreneurial or tech-related goals.

Join the community

You can join the https:// community by applying for the EntreTech NYC program, which is open to students and alumni from selected universities. You can also follow https:// on social media, subscribe to their newsletter, or attend their online events. You can find more information on how to get involved on their website.

Cost of joining https://

The cost of joining https:// depends on the product or service you choose. The cheapest option is the Entre Blueprint, which is a six-step video training course that teaches you the basics of online entrepreneurship. It costs $39, but you can get it for $7 through this link. The most expensive option is the Entre Inner Circle, which is a high-level coaching and mentoring program that gives you access to Jeff Lerner and his team of experts. It costs $29,999 per year. There are also other products and services in between, such as the Entre Nation Elite, the Entre Digital, and the Entre Results.

How can I contact the team behind https://

You can contact the team behind https:// by sending an email to info at https:// or filling out a form on their website. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Selected universities for the EntreTech NYC program

Some of the selected universities for the EntreTech NYC program are:

  • Syracuse University
  • Cornell University
  • University of Rochester
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Clarkson University

You can find more information about the program and the application process on the https:// website.


https:// is a valuable resource for students and alumni who want to learn more about entrepreneurship and technology. It offers a unique opportunity to experience the startup ecosystem in New York City, as well as to network with peers and mentors who can help them achieve their goals. Whether you are looking for inspiration, education, or connection, https:// can help you find your path and make your mark in the world of innovation. If you are interested in joining the https:// community, visit their website and apply for the EntreTech NYC program today.